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We are a group of singers and musicians, based in northern Gloucestershire, playing and singing music from Medieval times up to the mid 16th Century.  Between us we play a variety of instruments: gittern, pipe and tabor, recorders, shawms, medieval fiddle, hurdy-gurdy, portative organ and percussion.

Meet the band:

We have performed at a variety of venues and occasions, including:

Mike Boag ("Boagy").  The newest member of the group, who lays down the rhythm Carol Davies - as well as playing the portative organ and the hurdy-gurdy, Carol leads the singing in many of our items Geoff Ramshaw. Talented singer and player of the medieval fiddle (which he constructed himself).
Gwilym Davies. Plays 'blowy things', i.e. recorder, bagpipe, shawm, pipe and tabor, as well as singing.

Ian Umbers. Talented player of various shawms and recorders.





















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