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Music and songs from the 12th century up to Tudor times. 

Track list:

  • Malt's Come Down
  • Washerwoman's Branle/Scottish Branle
  • Hija Mia
  • Je Nul Hom Pris/Palestinalied
  • Ly Bens Distonys/Petits Riens
  • Helas Madame
  • Quand Hiver/Dehors Lonc Pre
  • Branle de Gervais/Les Bouffons
  • Manda e'i Comigo
  • Miri it is
  • Putta Nera Ballo Furlano
  • Pastime with Good Company
  • Morisco/Ungaresca
  • Angelus ad Virginem



Period music to celebrate Christmas.

Track list:

  • Hey ey, hey ey (Now is Yole Comen
  • Past Three O'Clock
  • Sainte Nicholaes Godes Druth
  • Maria Durch ein Dormwald ging/Winter wie ist nu dein Kraft
  • Rondella
  • The Boar's Head
  • Green Groweth the Holly
  • Now we merthe All and Sum
  • El Noi de la Mare
  • Angelus ad Virginum
  • Quando Nascette Ninno
  • Branle de l'Officiel
  • Coventry Carol
  • Brockweir Wassail
  • Winter wie ist nu dein Kraft (reprise)


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