Who we are and what we do:

A four-piece group performing medieval and Tudor music and song in authentic costume and with period instruments. Lively and sweet instrumental music and song for re-enactments, banquets, fairs, concerts and other themed events. Based in the north of Gloucestershire, we are open to bookings of all types and can also give talks on our music.
Our outings to date include:

    • Providing music for productions of “A Man for all Seasons” and “Ann Boleyn”
    • Taking part in a film “Uncertain Proof”
    • Playing at Mary Arden’s Farm (Stratford-upon-Avon)
    • Playing for a bar mitzvah (true)
    • In addition to appearances in concerts, village fetes, banquets and as wandering minstrels.

Book us here
Medieval Entertainment or via our contact page.

Waytes and Measures are:

  Carol – the female representative of the group, who plays hurdy gurdy and an impressive portative organ and sings

  Gwilym – plays mainly blowy things such as pipe and tabor, recorder, bagpipe and shawm and sings

  Richard – the backbone of the group with his cittern and pipe and tabor and voice

  Geoff – impressive singer and fiddle player who has made his own own medieval fiddle.